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5 basic tips for dealing with people with disabilities


Even in a modern society, there is little information on how to deal with people with disabilities, which allows prejudice to still be a reality.

So pay attention to the following tips on how to deal with people with disabilities:

1. You should not play with a guide dog, as he has the responsibility to guide the owner who cannot see and should not be distracted from this role;

2. Even if the deaf person is accompanied by an interpreter, address them, not the interpreter;

3. If the person with an intellectual disability is a child, treat him or her as a child. If he's a teenager, treat him like a teenager, and if he's an adult, treat him like one;

4. If you witness a person with a physical disability fall, immediately offer to help. But never act without first asking her if you really should and how you can help her;

5. Be patient when listening to the person with cerebral palsy, as most have speech difficulties.

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