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Project development

With the institution's objectives and premises for Residencial Campos Verdejantes, a specialized company has been chosen to prepare the project.


The project has been designed by MSC Biomedical Engineer Norton Ricardo Ramos de Melo, Technical Director of BIOENG Projetos, Construções e Tecnologia em Saúde Ltda., from Curitiba (Parana), a highly specialized company dedicated exclusively to the area of Architectural Projects for Hospitals, Clinics, Offices and High Complexity Building Engineering.

Project Assumptions

Sustainability - Full use of sunlight, both for lighting and for heating water, space heating and generating energy. Use of rainwater for toilets, floor washing, garden irrigation, etc.

Ecological - Harnessing sunlight and rainwater.

Heating - Mainly the bedrooms and living areas, the rooms must have heating systems, in view of the harsh winter climate in the Planalto Norte Catarinense region.

Integration - The rooms must be integrated: Administrative, Auditorium, Residential and common environments.

Durability and Maintenance - Use of long-lasting materials, aiming at low maintenance costs.

Accessibility - ramps, lift for stretchers and wheelchairs, stairs, corridors and rooms suitable for challenged people.

Individuality - Respect for people with disabilities in appropriate environments..

Lease - be a space for temporary lease, aiming to generate supplementary income for the institution.

Discover the projectbasement

In the basement, in addition to a garage and two guest rooms, a laundry room was designed covering the internal demand and meeting the needs of the residents of Campo Alegre, with the sale of specialized services, which will become a source of income for the institution.

The common areas of circulation are also necessary, all of them integrated and planned for comfortable and practical service.

Financial Sustainability:

Project Resources:

Activities customarily carried out in Lutheran Communities, such as open-air worships with lunch, coffee & cake, bazaars, lunches, etc.

Donations received from entities linked to the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil - IECLB.

From supporting companies and individuals, we usually receive donations and various amounts to increase the liquidity of the institution for the continuity of the works.

Fundraising from government entities and tax incentive laws to continue the works.


Volunteers, Collaborating Associates, Founding Associates.

Evangelical Church of  Lutheran Confession in Brazil - IECLB North Santa Catarina Synod
Evangelical Community of  Lutheran Confession of Campo Alegre
Supporting legal and natural persons

Transparency Portal

The Instituto Luterano Campos Verdejantes, constituted as a non-profit association, publicly registers its constitution and renders accounts of projects in progress. To access the information, click here.

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