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  • Do you have an estimated start date?
    The Board predicts that by 2024 we will be opening for the first stage to operate. We are making every effort to make this happen.
  • When can I register my disabled child to live in Campos Verdejantes?
    You can register your child the moment we finish the first stage of the building, which is 1/3 of the construction. After the roof is completed, we will finish at least three bedrooms and what is absolutely necessary to welcome us into our house, such as the kitchen. Everything will depend on the financial resources available for the completion of the works.
  • What will be the monthly cost for each person who is taken in?
    As for the cost, yes, it will be private. But we count on the possibility of making agreements with the INSS, with dentists and other professionals. Our payroll will have a high value because we will have qualified professionals to work in our institution. However, we do not rule out a dialogue for a negotiation.
  • Will the resident have access to school, work, manual activities?
    Yes. One of the things that we will give priority is that the person who attends the ILCV can take a technical course, can attend a school and not a person who only stays at the institution. That he has an extra-home activity, where he can get involved in the city, in the society of Campo Alegre and surroundings.
  • When the son lives in the house, can we visit him often?
    Yes, the house will be open for visitors. Naturally, for a good functioning of the house, we will establish visiting hours.
  • Can I be part of the group of volunteer supporters of the house?
    Of course! We will always have activities where we will need volunteer help. Promoting a cafe, organizing some things in the house, working two or three hours a week will always be very welcome.
  • Where can I find information on project accountability?
    The Campos Verdejantes Lutheran Institute, constituted as a non-profit association, publicly registers its constitution and renders accounts of ongoing projects on the Transparency Portal. To access the information, click here< /a>.
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