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Who we are

Instituto Luterano Campos Verdejantes is a non-profit, private legal entity.

We aim to provide services and assistance benefits in a planned and targeted way to people with disabilities, without any distinction, aiming at the well-being and dignity of the human person.

Our target audience is people with mild to moderate disabilities, aged between 18 and 59, temporary residents (in absence of parents due to travel or vacation), overnights/weekends and permanent residents who need special care.

The Architectural Project is being built on a site of 4,000m², located in the central region of the city of Campo Alegre (SC) which, by the way, is beautiful. To start the construction of that space, we already got some donations.

The Instituto Luterano Campos Verdejantes wants to be a place of welcome and care for people with disabilities who have no one else to take care of them.

Thus, as a Christian Institution, we want to welcome and take good care of dear ones with disabilities and, thus, promote relief to mothers and fathers who experience anguish.


If we historically observe the general situation of people with disabilities, children who grow up and no longer have their parents to support them, if we observe the way in which a good part of the residential care home for the elderly no longer have the support from family members, if we look at the Inclusion Policies in Brazil, which very slowly begin to change these expectations, the Instituto Luterano Campos Verdejantes is demonstrating in its objectives, mission, vision and values, a courageous and pioneering attitude.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is  to provide well-being for people with disabilities in partnership with their family.

We aim to be a reference in support, service, infrastructure and service provision in the north of Santa Catarina.
values are love for charity/clerical welfare and social work, valuing people, Lutheran Confessionality, Commitment, Respect, Ethics, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Management, Credibility.


The institution shall accommodate between 30-40 people with disabilities throughout the project, whose construction must be in stages according to financial availability. 

Administration - Management 2022/2023

PRESIDENT: Deac. Valmi Ione Becker,
VICE PRESIDENT: Nicole Otto Habech,
SECRETARY: Vilma Linda Reinar
TREASURER: Armin Koenig,
SECOND TREASURER: Dorothea Vera Pfeiffer Bahr,


Erica Beulke,
Edson Luiz Kaiser,
Rodrigo de Sant'Ana Silva,


Cat. Mariane Noely Bail da Cruz,
P. Flavio Weiss,
Harald Schulze,

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